Booklists | 书单

Documenting (including but not limited to) textbooks, novels, journals and (conference) papers that I am interested in and will read.

Status: Updating | 长期更新

Principles | 收书原则:

  1. If one was originally composed neither in English nor in Chinese, a translated version (that similar to author’s culture) will be documented. Otherwise, original version will be documented only; link(s) to translated version will be added hinge on personal interest.
    (For instance, for non-English European authors, English version will be documented; for non-Chinese Asian authors, Chinese version will be documented)
  2. Not restricted to theme/topic and format, one will be documented here as long as it is worth reading
  3. To avoid wordiness and for brevity, Chinese and/or English will be used in Brief Intro
    为节省空间,简要介绍一栏用到中文 和/或者 英文
  4. For protecting author’s intellectual property, only online published one will be added link(s)

Have Read

Subject/Genre Type Title & 1st Author Link(s) Brief Intro/Note
AI Paper Concrete Problems in AI Safety; Dario Amodei et al arXiv 讨论了由于劣质设计导致的无意且有害的AI行为问题
AI Paper Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview; Yuxi Li arXiv A comprehensive introduction of basic learning methods


Subject/Genre Type Title & 1st Author Link(s) Brief Intro/Note
散文 湘行散记; 沈从文    
Programming Book The Little Schemer; Daniel Friedman   TLS; Recommend

To Read

Subject/Genre Type Title & 1st Author Link(s) Brief Intro/Note
ML Paper Theoretical Impediments to Machine Learning With Seven Sparks from the Causal Revolution; Judea Pearl arXiv 作者为图灵奖得主,探讨ML能否成为ASI的突破口
Social Engineering Book The Art of Deception; Kevin Mitnick link  
Society, Dystopian Novel Brave New World; Aldous Huxley    
Society Book 厚黑学; 李宗吾   成书与民国
Historical Fiction, Drama Novel The Kite Runner; Khaled Hosseini    
Historical Novel A Tale of Two Cities; Charles Dickens    
Nouveau roman Novel The Lover (L’Amant); Marguerite Duras    
Realist, Erotic Novel Madame Bovary; Gustave Flaubert    
Realist Novel Anna Karenina (Анна Каренина); Lev Tolstoy    
Hard science fiction Novel A Fire Upon the Deep; Vernor Vinge   中译:深渊上的火
浪漫 洛神赋; 曹植 link 背诵
OS Textbook Operating System Concepts; Silberschatz link  
Computer Network Textbook Computer Networks; Andrew Tanenbaum douban  
Programming Textbook Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs; Gerald Sussman link SICP; Read Ch. 1-3; Advanced
Programming Book The Art of Computer Programming; Donald Knuth   TAOCP
Calculus Textbook 微积分学教程(Курс дифференциального и интегрального исчисления); ригорий Михайлович Фихтенгольц   全书分三卷
数分 Textbook Principles of mathematical analysis; Walter Rudin link  
Math “Novel” What Is Mathematics?; Herbert Robbins   中译:什么是数学;Introductory
Math “Novel” Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times; Morris Kline   中译:古今数学思想;Advanced
Philosophy Book Discipline and Punish (Surveiller et punir); Michel Foucault   中译:规训与惩罚
Fiction Short Story Boule de Suif; Guy de Maupassant   中译:羊脂球;作者:莫泊桑
Fiction Short Story Love of life (L’Amour de la vie); Jack London    
Romance Fiction Short Story 伊豆的舞女 (伊豆の踊子); 川端康成    
Romance Fiction Novel 古都 (古都); 川端康成    
Romance Fiction Novel 潮骚 (潮騒); 三島由紀夫    
Romance Fiction Novel 绝唱 (絶唱); 大江賢次    
Romance Fiction Novel 春琴抄 (春琴抄); 谷崎潤一郎    
Linux Book The Linux Programming Interface; Micheal Kirrisk    
Linux Book Understanding the Linux Kernel; Daniel Bovet    
Consciousness Book Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid; Douglas Hofstadter   GEB
Hardware Textbook 计算机组成原理; 蒋本珊   清华出版
AI Textbook 统计学习方法; 李航   作者为诺亚方舟实验室原主任
War story Book For Whom the Bell Tolls; Ernest Hemingway    
Fiction Novel Ulysses; James Joyce   中译:尤利西斯;作者:乔伊斯


Subject/Genre Type Title & 1st Author Link(s) Brief Intro/Note
ROS Textbook ROS Robot Programming; YoonSeok Pyo et al link Using C++; Entry Level
ROS Textbook Programming Robots with ROS; Morgan Quigley et al link More Advanced
Algorithm, Data Structure Textbook Introduction to Algorithms; Thomas Cormen link CLRS
Robot Paper Combining Neural Networks and Tree Search for Task and Motion Planning in Challenging Environments; Chris Paxton et al arXiv by ZOOX